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While this may be confusing at first, you’ll be relieved you ironed out some important info once Mercury stations direct. You’ll be sharing your thoughts with people around you on April 5, as the full moon in Libra lights up your third house. You find pleasure through conversations, and April’s full moon is the perfect time to engage in easygoing, diplomatic discourse. You may even find yourself reaching the end of learning a new skill or study now, and now is the moment to share your discoveries with the collective. The sun shifts into the stable, security-oriented sign of Taurus on April 20, bringing some of the action and dynamism to a slow stop.

Now’s the time to lean into the leisure activities that bring you joy, but they may be subject to change as Mercury stations retrograde on April 21. Re-think the different ways you express yourself artistically, Capricorn — it’s important that the things you do in your down time fully sustain you. On April 20, the sun will shift into the security-oriented sign of Taurus, bringing your desire for stability and comfort in your relationships to sharp focus. Mercury will station retrograde on April 21, inviting you to re-consider how firm and long-lasting some of your connections actually are. Re-negotiate any agreements you’ve been in, specifically in your relationships. Your money and personal resources will be highlighted on April 5, as the full moon in Libra takes place in your second house.

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As for relationships, Gemini likes being busy there because it makes him feel like the easy come, easy go guy that intrigues everyone. When he’s with you, he’ll act like a huge flirt, but when he’s gone, he’ll have you wanting more. Gemini is somehow always busy, even when his friends are looking forward to a long weekend of pajamas and Netflix. He likes having a lot of responsibility, though, because it makes him feel like a real adult. Taurus likes being in the background, observing others and getting involved only when he feels comfortable.

It’s not so much that he’s bossy, though, but more that he takes on a protective role when he’s around the people he loves. So, why not look to the stars to find out who to date next? You never know the new type of person you’ll meet next.

You’ll be called to pull back the curtain on your current habits on April 5, as the full moon in Libra unfolds in your 12th house. It’s the perfect time to prioritize self-care, Scorpio, even if that means retreating from the outside world for a bit. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between productivity and rest, and this full moon is a reminder that you’ve earned your right to relax.

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Fortunately it’s almost over — and now it’s time to read the stars anew. Check out what’s happening in the world of NUiT and stay up to date with our Community! Read new Educational and Lifestyle Astrology posts dig deeper into Astrology Compatibility and Relationships & be informed about all monthly upcoming Astrological Events. This sign will want powerful lovemaking and may want to own you in and out of the bedroom.

And, well, it would be great if there were better news to deliver. Sagittarius is slated to start the year strong, with particular motivation for money-making moves. Rather than hindering your endeavors, Mercury’s first retrograde of 2022 should unearth contrasts between current efforts and past mistakes, helping you pick your path wisely. The October 9 full moon in Aries will give everyone a burst of energy to finish Halloween costume-making. As Taurus often requires a bit of cushioning to process turbulence, 2022 looks likely to unfold for you as a 12-month series of emotional recoveries between more dramatic occurrences.

This marks a moment of important reflection a symbol of how far you’ve come since Jupiter re-entered Aries on Dec. 30, and a token of where you’re headed. The solar eclipse in Aries sparks major new pursuits on April 19, bringing you into some exciting new chapters centered around independence. You’re more than capable of handling new enterprises that come your way. Bustling new beginnings will ensue on April 19, as the solar eclipse in Aries transpires.

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They are unable to talk in a clear and easy language, and this confuses many individuals, or just bores them. Some individuals would quite have them as an enemy as a end result of Scorpio’s don’t tolerate the truth when confronted with it. When they love, they achieve this without pondering of the implications.

This is not a thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie type of need for intensity. Your man with BML in Scorpio is just trying to unveil mysteries and taboos that were imposed by culture, family, and history that probably have very little value in the contemporary. Ruled by Venus, this Libra man is your man of balance, fairness, and charm. Partner with him and you bet clean communication will reign, as will his ability to see all sides of an issue.

They work very onerous to attain a excessive standard of living in luxury and comfort. You’ll desire security and stability on April 20, as the sun shifts into the comfort-oriented sign ConnectingSingles of Taurus. During this season, you’ll be prompted to lean into the solace and contentment of your natural habitat, inviting you to consider how much pleasure you’re provided with.

She can sometimes love the chase more than the relationship and might not always finish what she has started. A word of warning – it can be very hard for her to settle down. This means he is a magnanimous lover both emotionally and physically. They are explorers of the human condition and are unafraid of change.

This is one of the most inflexible combinations in the zodiac. Learning to adjust to each other’s needs would be the major challenge of this partnership. If you get together with another Leo, you may for a while feel that you’re in control of the situation. Don’t be surprised later when your strength is matched by your star twin, who has just as powerful a need to shine as you. When it comes to romance, the Cancer man will move slowly.

Your social life opens up when the full moon in Libra takes place on April 5. As an air sign, you’re eager to lean into connections with others, and this lunation is revealing how essential that is. This is a significant period of connecting over creative projects and passions, and could mark the completion on an artistic endeavor you’ve been working on. It’s a day to be around people, so feel free to engage with those around you.