Plan a Website Design- Tutorial

Google Analytics website traffic monitoring can also offer insights into how your customers act. Use your website data to see what pages customers visit, how often they visit your site before they buy and other metrics to get to know your audience. Get to know the people who are already buying from you. Conduct in-person interviews with readers and past customers and shoppers. Now that you can see why knowing your audience is so important, let’s look at some tips for getting to know your ideal customers. Only then can you create strategic plans to get website visitors to take action.

We discussed this at length in our article on usability evaluation and testing. Is your text-to-background contrast ratio suitable for visually impaired? Do you provide captions to your audio and video content? Use automatic online tools like Web Accessibility and consult with our broad guide on accessible and inclusive design here. Building out a sitemap helps to organize the content you want to have on your website.

How To Present A Website Project Plan?

The volume of your redesign initiatives can vary greatly depending on your goals and expectations. Maybe your content is already shining through the outdated interface and the changes to navigation and UI can help your message be heard. In other instances, you will need to work extensively on what you want to say and how to do it most effectively, ensuring that your stylish branding exterior has some inner substance. You might have heard about Snapchat’s recent app redesign fiasco. With 1.25 million people signing a petition to roll the update back, and its App Store ranking plummeting to 1.8 points, Snapchat lost a lot of enraged and frustrated users in a few days.

Jason Yuan is a young designer from Rhode Island whose project swept across the web last year. His story titled I Got Rejected by Apple Music…So I Redesigned It was featured on TheNextWeb, FastCoDesign, and Mic. Jason demonstrated that even design giants can make confusing and frustrating choices and how easily those can be avoided and fixed. All technical projects begin with a plan, or at least we like to think so. More often than not, we tend to start swinging our hammers before we even know where it should be landing. Favicon, shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon are all different names that are used to describe the same thing—the compact image that acts as a website’s mini logo.

Create a sequence of actions

WebFXs proprietary digital marketing platform makes it easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions. If you’re redesigning a large website, it will most likely take a little longer. Depending on the way your site is built, changes will need to be applied to each section of your site, which can take time. So you’ve decided that the worn out graphics and slow load time on your website is cause for a redesign, and you’re probably right. Do you suspect that your time-on-page is low because users aren’t interacting with your content?

how to plan a website

Periodically check how the development of the web project is progressing. Set up the delivery date and then subdivide that final deliverable into parts that will be distributed over the total project time. Make sure that visitors can find what they need in three clicks or less.

Ready to Plan Your Website?

This includes keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that potential customers use to find sites like yours, which will help inform your content plan. You’ll also use those keywords in suggested titles, headings, and URL permalinks. A common method of keeping your audience in mind is to create a user persona. A user persona is a fictional character that represents your target audience and is personified using information such as demographic information, goals, pain points, and behaviors.

  • Becauses themes and plugins may fail to automatically check for an update or notify you when their licenses expire, go to the WordPress Updates page occasionally and check for updates manually.
  • The development plan should prioritize the instrumentation of analytics that can measure key progress indicators, Arata told me.
  • Helping a user accomplish a task should be more important than startling them with animated buttons or hypnotizing loading screens.
  • Gutenberg is heavily reliant on the themes provided by WordPress and while it allows you to add custom code for blocks, it can’t override WordPress’s theme styles.
  • Logo – If you already have a logo and would like to maintain your branding, be ready to provide your logo to your designers.

This can be a drawn-out process, especially for larger companies with lots of people involved in the project. Raubi Perilli is a website strategist, content creator, and founder of Simply Stated Media. She loves helping freelancers, small businesses and start-ups use their website to drive more interest, leads and sales. Learn more about Raubi by following her on Instagram, or improve your website today by grabbing her FREE 50-point website audit. Now, you have everything you need to plan a website and start to build it.

How To Plan A Website Project?

Marketing is essential to help drive traffic, which can generate leads, sales, and revenue, or meet whichever goals you’ve set. Once the wireframes and mockups have been refined and tested, it’s time to finalize the design and move on to the development phase. To create an effective website, you should determine which pages are needed. This includes breaking down the content you identified in Step 1 and listing each page, along with its corresponding permalink or URL. The list you create enables you to outline the content and messaging for each landing page on the site. Site layout impacts both the design and functionality, so consider that structure carefully.

how to plan a website

Vague messaging will not only prevent your target audience from being drawn to your brand, but it will also draw in the wrong type of customers. When your communication isn’t targeting the right audience, you may attract unqualified leads and customers who can’t benefit from your offerings. If you don’t know who your customers are and what they like, want and need, it’s difficult to know how to speak directly to them.

Launch a business.

Wireframes are simple, black and white sketches of the website layout. They depict the placement of elements, such as text, images, and buttons, and help to define the overall layout and navigation of the website. You can find wireframe patterns in the how to plan a website structure pattern library or you can create your own using various available online tools. If no brand assets exist, it’s time to get a logo designed, determine a set of appropriate colors to use, and make decisions on typography, font, and style.

how to plan a website