OWASP Top 10 Training For Developers

Failures can result in unauthorized disclosure, modification or destruction of data, and privilege escalation—and lead to account takeover , data breach, fines, and brand damage. Perform testing techniques to test general vulnerabilities and risks in mobile apps. Simply completing an OWASP Top 10 course to achieve compliance doesn’t result in secure applications. Security teams should prepare their developers to deal with current threats and those that will emerge in the future.

  • Injection flaws, such as SQL, NoSQL, OS, and LDAP injection, occur when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter as part of a command or query.
  • Mini Check Circle IconPrevent server-side request forgery in an application.
  • A 1-day training is $10,000 USD and a 2-day training is $14,500 USD.
  • The Open Web Application Security Project’s Top Ten is a well-known document that illustrates the most critical security risks to web applications that security experts must be aware of.

By the time you finish reading this, a new vulnerability has been found! We need to make sure we are keeping up-to-date with our components. As software becomes more configurable, there is more that needs to be done to ensure it is configured properly and securely.

Vulnerable and outdated components

Cryptographic failures, previously known as “Sensitive Data Exposure”, lead to sensitive data exposure and hijacked user sessions. Despite widespread TLS 1.3 adoption, old and vulnerable protocols are still being enabled. Matthew was very knowledge and has lot experience to share with us. It was very pleasant, as he take the time to listen to us and answer to our questions. OWASP training is available as “online live training” or “onsite live training”.


Currently the OWASP online academy project Website is on alpha-testing stage. SAMM is a community-driven project and we welcome all feedback and input. You can use the contact form link from the main menu or any of the options available from the footer of the website. Mini Check Circle IconDescribe what is server-side request forgery. SSRF flaws occur whenever we fetch a remote resource without validating the URL supplied by the user. Let’s not rely on plugins, libraries, or modules from untrusted sources!

Master the OWASP Top 10

OWASP Lessons is free and open source, with access to an online community and helpful resources and tools for web application security. They have published a top 10 list that acts as an awareness document for developers. It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks. This course will introduce students to the OWASP organization and their list of the top 10 web application security risks.

  • It allows an attacker to coerce the application to send a crafted request to an unexpected destination, even when protected by a firewall, VPN, or another type of network access control list .
  • Onsite live OWASP training can be carried out locally on customer premises in the US or in NobleProg corporate training centers in the US.
  • Most breach studies show time to detect a breach is over 200 days, typically detected by external parties rather than internal processes or monitoring.
  • This Course explores the Dot Net Framework Security features and how to secure web applications.

Provides guidance on how to develop, purchase and maintain trustworthy and secure software applications. OWASP is noted for its popular Top 10 list of web application security vulnerabilities. What’s the difference between theoretical knowledge and real skills?