Faulty Apprentice By AGL Studios

Negative, Steam and itchio purchases are seperate. Kinda wish there was a demo to play test, Since the Mac Ver isn’t available on steam, https://datingrated.com/mysinglefriend-review/ and refunds via itch are much less user friendly than steam. Faulty Apprentice may contain content you must be 18+ to view.


I’m basically trying to say this game cares more about character building and story telling with minimal lewd content on the side to keep things spicy. So, I found myself invested into the characters and I like all the little ‘callbacks’ and references the characters make to each other. For example, Hilde the bunny girl mentioning a forbidden love story between a dark elf and a high elf. I had a huge “OHHH!” moment when Eleanna revealed she was half-dark elf. I like the overarching story and the final event where all the guards fight back against the goblin/orc army was very satisfying to watch.

If the dialogue wasn’t as repetitive then I might be more inclined to enjoy the great amount of characters. Is there supposed to be a steam key that comes with the ItchIO purchase? It doesn’t seem to be generating. Do you happen to have a a min Sys Req’s for Mac? My processor is comparable to whats listed on the steam page for windows and i’ve got 12G of ram.

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The character designs bring the most out of the characters’ personalities. The silhouettes are unique and you can gauge vital personality characteristics from features and faces alone, so huge props to the art team. The bulk of your time spent in this game will be training for an impending battle and boosting the morale of the guards around the castle. This is done through speech-checks, fetch quests, and mini challenges that, when enabled, take the form of simple mini-games.

Narrative experiences do not need to subvert expectations or break new ground to be engrossing, charming, and fully-realized. Faulty Apprentice offers a familiar world that somehow doesn’t bore or overstay its welcome. As previously mentioned, the characters here are wonderful. Most inspire joy, others contempt .

But could I suggest you don’t reset the counter back to 0 for every mistake? Like maybe, penalize the player 10 points for hitting the lizard/wood? I get that this game came out 3 years ago though. At least edit the guide section on Priscilla please….? Just want to end this off by saying you have got me hooked on this story and setting and hope we do get to see a sequel.

Don’t worry, they’re not that hard or time-consuming. Definitely pick this game up, I was pleasantly surprised and I look forward to more from this team. Over 30 characters to meet, 10 characters to date, and 15+ locations to unlock! Each of the instructors has their own minigames and personality quirks.

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I didn’t notice my HP going down, and I had to repeat everything I’d done that day because the game has no checkpoint system. Same thing with the Midnight minigame. I thought you had to click the words. Turns out you have to drag them onto the cat.

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So driver support regarding some lighting/shading effects with open GL often comes up as an issue. To ensure you get the game of your choice at the lowest price possible. From old-school classics to modern AAA titles, there is something for everyone to play here.


I don’t know if it’s an issue with the Wine installation or just game compatibility. I have two saved files; One is the automatic save at day 20 Morning the other is day 20 Night . Just wanted to give you a head’s up that someone else made a page for the game “Faulty Apprentice”, using your game’s assets and everything. Looks like they’re claiming it’s a way to pirate your game for free. A brief google search turned upthis, which suggests that it’s not actually a permissions issue – Big Sur just isn’t letting any unsigned apps work. I’ll see if any of those solutions work.

After all that effort to get it, it felt kind of… Any plans on upgrading the Mac version to 64-bit? Microsoft is in the process of dropping 32-bit support from Windows too.