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Deep nesting refers to the use of control structures to nest statement blocks. It occurs when information is organized in layers and objects containing objects similar to one another. On the other hand, review prioritization helps a team culture where everyone is judged on their performance towards a common goal. Aim for a Single Point of Definition for every aspect of your application […]’. It is usually considered good practice to use descriptive names.

pursuing better code practices

But, there are also many source-code analysis tools that can help take some of the burden off the reviewer. Tools are especially good at checking code style and convention. If you hand off the simple and straightforward tasks to automation tools, you can focus on deeper, more challenging issues. Recently, I used SonarQube, one of the most popular analyzer tools. Such a tool can’t find every issue or provide every kind of creative feedback a skilled reviewer can. In my experience, it does less than 5 percent of what’s needed, but it still really helps the reviewer by automating some parts of the process.

From Small Change Lists, to Effective Comments, and Prioritizing Review over Coding

Peer reviews are a manual process that complement automated testing methods for comprehensive security coverage. Coding standards are a set of guidelines and best practices that are used to create consistent, high-quality code. In Part I, we spoke of difficulties that arise when you deal with complex legacy AEM components that continue to grow.

Design code with scalability as a design goal because very often in software projects, new features are always added to a project which becomes bigger. Therefore, the facility to add new features to a software code base becomes an invaluable method in writing software. Terser coding speeds compilation very slightly, as fewer symbols need to be processed. Furthermore, the 3rd approach may allow similar lines of code to be more easily compared, particularly when many such constructs can appear on one screen at the same time.

Make Your Project Well Organized

If there is any need for it, you can take out the important parts of a code and abstract them into a routine. You can also automate repetitive tasks when necessary, but you should not repeat a piece of code within a script. Nesting refers to a code that exists to perform a specific function and is contained within a code that performs a broader function.

On the other hand, MISRA is a set of C and C++ coding standards developed and maintained by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association . It is primarily considered the de-facto coding standard for embedded industries. ‘Exception’ refers to problems, issues, or uncommon events that occur when code is run and disrupt the normal flow of execution. This either pauses or terminates program execution, a scenario that must be avoided.

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The more elaborate the PR, the longer the review can take, which risks the reviewer missing the PR’s primary objective. In fact, the ideal size of a PR is less than 250 lines because reviewers can discover 70-90% of defects in under an hour. Adhering to industry-specific coding standards in software engineering makes writing correct code that matches product expectations easier. Writing code that will satisfy the end-users and meet business requirements becomes easier. Another staple of good coding standards, peer review, implies that all the code written by a developer is always reviewed by someone else. This simple step allows developers to pass their work onto a fresh set of eyes that can detect issues with the code more easily and point them out before they become bigger problems.

pursuing better code practices

There’s a way to make the decomposition true and complete. Imagine your Swiss Army Knife as just a facade component that bears the main property – the mode. Imagine then, that the value of mode is nothing but a fully-qualified name of a feature set/fieldset class which now stands as a component back end in its own right. One of the biggest problems with repetitive code is that it can lead to increased technical debt. Additionally, it can make your code more vulnerable to security threats and risks. SVP of Professional Services Damian Scalerandi leads every step of IT project delivery with multi-cutural teams to help accomplish client goals.

Why you should use coding best practices

In other words, the coding process only involves writing code that is passable – not writing good code. However, as we have underscored, ignoring best practices can lead to subpar software that can break at any moment, offer lesser performance, or be hard to update. Then it’s read, debugged, refactored, and scaled constantly. How you write code today will help you maintain and scale the application later down the road. We’re frequently under the pressure of deadlines in software development.

pursuing better code practices

Ask the reviewer to sit beside you and resolve these issues. Solve tough and challenging issues — such conversations are more interactive and powerful. You can avoid lengthy rounds of written arguments over the same comment that just annoy both sides. For tough and challenging issues, consider oral conversations and pairing with the reviewer. Organize your change list to be focused and as small as possible but do not make it unreliable by putting the tests off. A code linter is a tool that automatically checks your code to see if it meets your project’s or company’s coding convention.

How to Learn Coding Best Practices

Coding, also known as computer programming, is the process whereby a computer or machine gets a set of instructions on actions to perform or carry out. It is the way that humans generally communicate with computers and machines. With coding, you can create websites, applications, and other advanced technologies. Bad practice to pursuing better code practices divide the change list by postponing its unit tests. This puts the codebase in an unreliable state, which may remain in the code or even get worse as you approach a deadline and new features take precedence over pending work. You should try to do small but complete work that includes tests and deployment/migration scripts.

  • Reviewers can add their annotations into the source code — alongside with Perforce Static Analyzers’ diagnostic messages.
  • The source code is then compiled and converted into binary machine code.
  • We bet you have, because we have dealt with this kind of component several times.
  • To be self-explanatory, optimized, and readable, programmers must know coding practices.
  • This either pauses or terminates program execution, a scenario that must be avoided.

If you break a large change list into several smaller parts and merge them one after the other, you can avoid problems. Re-use is a very important design goal in software development. Re-use cuts development costs and also reduces the time for development if the components or modules which are reused are already tested. However, reviewing a peer’s code is easier said than done.

Coding best practices

Web developers often use simple variable names like A1 and B1 as temporary placeholders, but later forget to replace them with something more meaningful. This makes code less readable and ultimately leads to confusion. Other times, the blind faith in our teammates can give us more headaches than expected. Peer Review can be the simplest and most effective way to ensure correct and functional products. Always have at least one approval from a code owner before merging to master. Although they seem to be universally accepted and known by the community, it’s also true that they are informal rules, learned by so many but rarely followed.