Affiliate Software Price Comparison & Reviews

XCritical AMS provides support for several brands of affiliate programs and can be integrated with different CRM systems. In turn, affiliates can access the reports on attracted leads, their trade activity, and other data. AMS can either be used as the XCritical brokerage system, or as an independent module. Finally, pay them out based on the results you are optimising for. The platform is integrated with hundreds of ad networks and affiliate networks so you can have a flawless tracking and attribution to optimize your campaigns with full conversion data.

affiliate marketing management system

“Previously, they might have fluffed around a bit or given it to someone who didn’t make it a priority,” she says. A new Affiliates menu will appear in WordPress, this is where you manage your affiliates and keep track of visits and referrals. It is not intended to keep track of links to other sites that you as a member of an affiliate program may have.

Affiliate Marketing Importance

Markor’s affiliate marketing provides a wide range of services to help iGaming businesses initiate, scale, and grow revenue. Dedicated to you, our highly experienced affiliate account manager will work with you to establish profitable affiliate partnerships for acquiring new players. Market your brand, create and track multiple campaigns with our fully customizable affiliate management software.

  • This enables control over cost management, budget and spend on affiliate commission and media buying, with each group split by either affiliate partner types, traffic sources, revenue and the performance they bring.
  • By seeing the links and channels that are bringing in the most high-quality traffic, you’re able to adjust your efforts and put more resources into the best-performing links and channels.
  • This is normally done on a cost-per-click basis, as paying pennies per click can be cheap.
  • The company rewards you for your effort in getting their product or services in front of more people.
  • Affiliates Dashboard Overview – From the front end affiliate dashboard, a close look at the recent referrals graph.
  • We have integrated with nearly every platform supplier in the market.

From executing your marketing, PR, and program promotions plan, Markor Technology has got you covered for launching a successful iGaming affiliates program. Ready-made templates make it easier to launch marketing campaigns, with users being able to change or develop them according to their own solutions. XCritical AMS allows you to quickly attract leads, increasing the broker’s profit in the short term. GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. Scaleo is a revolutionary cloud-based affiliate tracking & management solution that offers a full scale of features.


The platform allows you to fully monitor the process, analyzing and tracking its effectiveness in real time. Lead generation and affiliate marketing solution that helps businesses to search advertisers, manage payments, and track campaigns. Link tracking is the process of creating and using data-coded tracking links so you know where traffic on your website is coming from. The digital code that is assigned to your links is able to track user activity for that specific link with affiliate tracking software. Tracking links can be used in any of your digital marketing efforts to track link traffic. Lynx is affiliate marketing software built for networks, meaning it’s equipped with features and tools that give performance marketers the data they need to thrive.

affiliate marketing management system

By guiding you to choose the best tools, we help scale your affiliate marketing program and manage projects effectively. Web-based affiliate software that consists of extra marketing tools, extra leads, extra advance management system, and extra payment. A tracking platform for affiliates and media buyers providing a full management suite such as analytic and campaign management. Affiliate marketing plugin for affiliate management system WordPress that enables businesses to promote products or services, as well as track and pay commissions. It’s common for e-commerce sites to have strong relationships with a small proportion of their affiliates, which need careful management. An affiliate that drives huge volumes of traffic will expect higher commission rates and may want bespoke creatives, which are regularly updated, to push special offers.


XCritical AMS enables affiliates to place different marketing materials to attract new customers. The platform contains ready-made templates for sites, landing pages, and mobile apps, using which the broker’s affiliates will quickly attract more leads. And screenshots of ads displayed for your branded queries, providing irrefutable evidence of non-compliance in cases where you need to dispute traffic from your affiliates. By identifying instances of non-compliance, we help ensure that you are not paying affiliate networks for your organic traffic. Affiliates, influencers and all your online marketing campaigns performance in one dashboard. Extend your marketing channels across all verticals with cleverdrip.

affiliate marketing management system

If one partner drives a huge chunk of traffic, they’ll want greater rewards. The three networks that created the code continue to promote it, adds Cholawsky. More importantly, they are keeping an eye on their clients across the network to ensure it is being followed. Elizabeth Cholawsky, senior vice-president for marketing and product development at Commission Junction, says the response from the industry has been favourable. As affiliate management is still new, there is no prescribed career path.