12 Zodiac Signs: Dates And Personality Traits Of Each Star Sign

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius man, make sure to avoid drama and emotional scenes as much as possible because it is something that he detests. Intelligence, self-confidence and independence are some of the qualities Aquarius men want in their partners. For them, brain is more appealing that physical beauty. However, when they settle for a woman, Aquarius men are extremely loyal. All their adventures with girls stop once they find the right person. If he has truly fallen for you, trust that he is a one woman man.

An Aquarius woman can often be regarded as weird and eccentric as she usually does not fit into the crowd. Her revolutionary ideas, refusal to blindly follow societal norms, and rebellious streak make it difficult for people to understand her. These attributes, coupled with her unique dressing style, spontaneity, and wicked sense of humor, make her stand out from the rest. She is hungry for knowledge — always reading and exploring various topics to sharpen her mind. Her strong intellectual inclination attracts her toward intelligent men. She looks for a partner who can challenge her intellectually and have mentally stimulating conversations with her.

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If you throw out an idea, they’ll be happy to experiment with you. They aren’t going to turn you down because they enjoy trying new things. They won’t want to do the same thing in the bedroom every night. Aquarius need variety in order to feel fulfilled sexually. If someone is boring them, then they aren’t going to stick around to chat.

But what is it all about and what does it tell you? That’s what we will be covering in this article. First of all we’ll give you a list of the most common traits you could find within the Aquarians. We’ll finish with their compatibility towards other zodiac signs when it comes to relationships. The Aquarius Man is not one prone to big, outward passionate displays of affection. They like their personal space even when in a relationship and when someone crosses the boundaries of space the Aquarius Man feels out of sorts.

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An https://thedatingpros.com/ woman is fiercely independent and loves her space. She is self-sufficient and does not enjoy relying on anyone else. She resents people who try to control or suffocate her.

Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

The leading planet of this sign is Uranus – gives them the power of vision. They are always sure about their future and where they are going to be five years from now. Uranus also allows them to embrace change easily- this is one way of them keeping life interesting.

Their intelligence can backfire on them because they always assume they’re the smartest person in the room. This cockiness can rub other people the wrong way, since it’s implying that they’re dumb. Aquarius get on great with other Air signs- so fellow Aquarians, as well as Gemini and Libra. Air signs share a leaning towards the rational vs emotional and independence vs intimacy.

However, women are the ones who give permission to men to approach them and dictate how the tone of their relationship will be set. If no one has called them out on it, this could be a habit that they bring to every new relationship. They’re in the habit of letting you be who you are, which will be a breath of fresh air. Because they can act like they’re annoyed or upset, you wonder if something is wrong, but this is just part of their personality. You’ll be glad to know that when you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius sign, they can have a real, intelligent discussion with you.

A relationship between two Aquarius can be harmonic because these two signs understand each other perfectly. For this to be a successful relationship, they have to be true friends and equals. It’s hard for them to find someone they click with, but if they do, they become great partners. If you also have a similar temperament, only then can this relationship work, because he will most likely never change his way of life. Based on the Aquarius dating astrology, mostly, they find their lovers from a circle of friends because, for Aquarius, love cannot exist without friendship. Because of their originality, they dislike all things traditional, also in their love lives.

Conscious Items understand the importance of shielding your aura in a chaotic world of noise and distractions. We welcome you to reconnect with the immense healing power of nature. Our natural tools help you to repel negative energy, cleanse your spirit, and soothe tension and stress. Aquarius takes place after Capricorn and represents the steady part of winter before any signs of spring begin to show. The name comes from the Latin word for “water-carrier.” It’s one of the oldest constellations in the sky to be recognized.